Ring Dash Cameras

  • Provides Vital Evidence in the event of road traffic accident
  • Reduce time taken to settle claim
  • Helps combat insurance fraud
  • Can help reduce your insurance premium
  • Plug & Play fitting without proffessional installation

Figures show that insurance fraud such as “Crash for Cash” scams are currently costing honest policy holders almost £400m each year.
Insurance Industry

  • Video Quality
    All Models feature 1080 resolution, Important details such as vehicle number plates are more visible
  • File Protection
    An integrated shock sensor works together with a file locking function to ensure vital recordings are always protected against overwriting.
  • Automatic Start / Stop
    The camera automatically starts recording when the vehicle ignition is switched on so recordings are never missed.
  • Loop Recording
    Older files can be automatically overwritten so recording never stops due to the storage card being full.
  • Digital Camera
    A camera mode allows the unit to operate as a digital camera, so should an incident occur additional pictures can be taken.